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Kyoko Izumi

I'm a graphic designer, interested in ceramic art. I have begun to deal with making earthenware in spite of being self-education. Now, my production is in Kyoto.

While having a simple appearance, Felt hue, touch of flexibility, I recorded a sense of beauty for me in form

The caliber who shows various expression in a living I think it to use it while devising a vase to be able to be concerned more deeply

If possible, I will send them to people who can enjoy such a living.

I want to continue with my favorite things.

If there is such a way of life, I am happy.




2002 – Exhibition of three artists in Clare (Tokyo)

2003 – Exhibition of three artists in Yuseidou (Kyoto)

2005 – Exhibition of three artists in Clare (Tokyo)

2006 – Exhibition in Takashimaya arts and crafts salon (Kyoto)