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I'm currently working as a coordinator for import/export companies and for TV broadcasters. I want to use my nearly 19 years of experience to work as coordinator in Italy for other Japanese companies.


When I was in Milan for only six months, an acquataince presented to me a firm, now called DINOS Co., Ltd. and then called FUJISANKEILIVING SERVICE Co., Ltd. that sought a general assistant. I started working for them in the international department that dealt with import/export.
I did not know how to do this job, I was given directions from the then responsible, Mr. Katsuhiro Yonekawa. For some years I have worked as translator and interpreter.
One day, he suddenly received a letter from home in Japan informed him of the decision to close the office in Milan. After that, they decided to leave all the work to me and to entrust the task to me to treat the import/export sector.
At that time, I was a little afraid to do the work alone, but I had to do it. The head from Japan at that time, Mr. Hayashi Hidetosi, and my colleague, Mr. Adachi Jinsei (then secretary of the president) convinced me, and recommended me at any moment. Since then, I have learned more and more and I understood better what I had to do, doing this work for about 19 years.

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While working as an assistant to Mr. Yonekawa, sometimes I had to help some television crew as a translator, interpreter or filming organizing in Italy. I had also to help to accommodate actors and actresses who made presentations of products. Many directors, producers and cameramen helped me to learn how to do this work.